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A love note about this collection;

I created these pieces as an ode to my own sun sign in Scorpio.

This collection is inspired by mystique and allure.

The imagery was a collaborative project with my dear muse and friend Sophie.

With a bursting full moon in the evening sky, we trekked along the shoreline to an oasis by the ocean. 

The coves and cascades of rocky cliffs met the dark night sky, with twinkling stars overhead.

It felt otherworldly seeing the landscape this way.

I hope you love this collection as much as I have loved creating it.

From the design process, to creating these garments, and to then see them worn by Sophie was such a joy.


The Scorpio Camisole is also an ode to another dear friend, Mareta - @maretathreads on Instagram -

who is a fellow Scorpio, and whom I got this gorgeous pattern to create the garment from.

Lovingly hand crafted, just for you.

Designed and handmade in Australia.

All my love,

-Holly, creator and seamstress of Stargazer

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